ROOTは小山ひとみが主宰するプロジェクトです。中国、台湾、日本を拠点に活動する表現者たちのROOTS(ルーツ)を探るインタビューとトークイベントがベースになっています。 まだあまり取り上げられていない有望な表現者の活動を紹介するとともに、掘り下げたいのはその人のROOT(根源)。 時代に敏感な彼らのROOT(本質)を知れば、中国、台湾、日本の未来を読み解くヒントになるかも。 そのような想いから誕生しました。




ROOT is a project headed by Hitomi OYAMA, focusing on interviews and talk events with artists and creative’s working across China, Taiwan and Japan. In addition to introducing the work of artists just as they are emerging, this project also looks for what lies at the “root” of such budding creative work. By better understanding the “root” of work that sensitively responds to this contemporary moment, one might also gain some inkling of the insight necessary to better analyzes what the future holds for China, Taiwan and Japan. Such are the thoughts that have given rise to the ROOT project.

The ROOT project would not be possible without the continued support and collaboration of a wide variety of people.

Special Thanks: Yusuke Nakazawa, Masamichi Hayashi, Junya Shinohara, Zhilong Xu